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Towson University SECU Arena

Baltimore, Maryland


The SECU Arena is a multi-use indoor arena facility, includes approximately 55,000 sq.ft. of renovated space and 170,000 sq.ft. of new expansion & a new home of Towson Tigers. The roof structure is compromised of acoustic steel deck supported by structural steel purlins that span between steel Pratt-configured trusses, which in turn clear-span over 200 feet above the concourse and arena bowl to bear on structural steel columns. The steel roof frame is supported at the concourse level which is a combination of a two-way flat plate and one-way beam and slab, cast-in-place concrete structure. The upper level seating areas are constructed of precast, prestressed concrete units supported by structural steel raker beams and columns. One interesting structural feature is that the luxury seating structure is suspended from the roof trusses to provide a column-free concourse below.


Cost: $56 million 


Architect: Hord Coplan Macht

© GWWO, Inc./Architects

Ravens Training Facility  

Owings Mills, Maryland  


Renovation and expansion of the Ravens Training Facility that offers the team and staff several options such as a sub grade concession area with an extensive roof deck, large group pavilion and other improvements. The building’s roof structure includes a unique combination steel framing.

Cost: $26.5 million


Architect: Gaudreau Inc. 

Troy Park Pavilions 

Elkridge, Maryland 

Four pavilions provide restroom facilities for new outdoor tennis courts in Howard County. They have unique curved roof structures supported by arching beams and dual divaricate column supports, both in wood and metal. 


Cost: $3 million


Architect: Ewing Cole/Gaudreau Inc. 

© GWWO, Inc./Architects


© GWWO, Inc./Architects

Occoquan Regional Park Multi-Purpose Building 

N.O.V.A. Parks, Fairfax County, Virginia 

The project includes a new 17,000sf multi-purpose building, a subgrade concession area with an extensive green roof, large group pavilion, nature trail, and site and waterfront improvements.  The building’s roof structure has a unique combination of steel and glulam timber arch frame.


Cost: $15.6 million


Architect: GWWO Inc./ Architects


Rita Church Community Center & Gymnasium 

Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Baltimore, Maryland


The new gymnasium in Clifton Park (right) is enclosed with decorative masonry walls that are both load bearing & soil retaining. It is vaulted with deep bowed roof joists and curved steel roof deck. The gym is complemented with a vestibule entry and mechanical spaces under a green roof. The new building foundations included rammed aggregate piers. 

Historic renovation to the existing facility (left) included roof replacement supported by timber structure, extensive concrete repairs throughout the facility, Architectural improvements, HVAC system supports, and stair/elevator addition.


Cost: $3.1 million


Architect: GWWO Inc./ Architects

© GWWO, Inc./Architects

Cahill Recreation Center  

Baltimore, Maryland


A new 32,000 sq. ft. fitness & wellness center to replace the existing recreation center in Gwynns Falls Leakin Park. With vertical wood siding exterior finish, this new facility complements the surrounding natural wooded setting. The structural system consists of steel braced frames and masonry bearing walls for steel joists which support the exposed tectum decking at roof level.  

Cost: $18 million


Architect: GWWO Inc./ Architects

Harford YMCA
Dancel YMCA
Stadium Place YMCA

YMCA Centers

Renovations and additions as well as new structures were afixed to existing YMCA facilities in Ellicott City, Hartford County and Baltimore County. 

Architect: Ewing Cole/Gaudreau Inc. 

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