Salisbury Animal Health Laboratory 

Salisbury, Maryland   


New laboratory and storage buildings that provide 26,000sf of animal care facilities. The structural system consists of pre-engineered steel bent frames and purlins to support an expansive steel roof deck. 

Cost: $13.8 million  


Architect: Ewing Cole/Gaudreau, Inc.

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Wake Forest Biotech Place

Winston-Salem, North Carolina  


Renovation of an existing five-story and three-story structure that required massive facade restoration and floor to floor height modifications to make it serviceable for laboratory spaces, conference center and incubator space for research and development. Totaling 252,000 s.f. in area, it obtained LEED Gold certification and is primarily made of concrete, steel and wood. 

Cost: $74 million  


Architect:  Ewing Cole/Gaudreau, Inc.

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Advanced Chemistry Laboratory, US Army Corps of Engineers

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland


New 128,000 sq.ft. facility housing state-of-the-art, super-toxic research chemistry laboratory for chemical warfare defense.  Multi-story structure consists of steel roof and composite steel/concrete floors supported by steel columns on a spread footing foundation.


Approximate cost: $38 million


Architect: Ewing Cole/Gaudreau, Inc. 


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University of Maryland BioPark 2, Wexford Science & Technology

Baltimore, Maryland


A 6-story 245,000 sq.ft. multi-tenant building with research labs, offices, classrooms, and conference rooms to serve the bioscience markets and companies interested in collaborative associations with the University, earned LEED Silver certification. The structure is two-way concrete flat slab with drilled shaft deep foundations.  


Cost: $34 million


Architect: Ewing Cole/Gaudreau, Inc.

Research/Testing Space
Jib Crane for Testing

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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Laboratory

Rockville, Maryland 


A renovation of an existing 60,000 sq.ft. building with two additions totaling 5,000 sq.ft. for new offices, labs, testing facilities, and mechanical systems.  The structure for the additions is steel framed with knee brace frames for lateral stability and spread footing foundations. 


Cost: $15 million  


Architect:  Ewing Cole/Gaudreau, Inc.

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